Time for a blog again, this time covering most of January’s happenings. In truth it has been difficult to get out for many decent sessions as the better tides have coincided with poor weather, or me being busy. I have managed a few sea sessions, and a couple on freshwater marks when the weather has […]


So the weather is doing its best lately to clobber most of my fishing plans, and when its not the weather, its the forecasts making conditions out to be a lot worse than they actually are! Previous to Tuesday I headed out with the intention of trying for codling on the north coast. The forecast […]

First 3

…Sessions of 2017. Had 3 shortish sessions in the last 3 days hoping to open my account for the year in style. First go was Holyhead Breakwater for herring. I was flinging the sabiki’s from the inside quite happily, but without success. With it being quite choppy on the inside, and from what I’ve read […]