Time for a blog again, this time covering most of January’s happenings. In truth it has been difficult to get out for many decent sessions as the better tides have coincided with poor weather, or me being busy. I have managed a few sea sessions, and a couple on freshwater marks when the weather has […]

Change of wind

After a session on the North of Anglesey on Monday went pretty badly, I was set up for a session on the west coast on Wednesday night. The forecast was for the westerly gales to finally give way to North Easterlies, knocking the swell down and making the west coast fishable. I was itching to […]

December Update

A belated seasons greetings! I haven’t posted for a while due to being in work, holidays and a lack of fishing action. In the run up to Christmas I had a few sessions, starting 15th December. With it being such a nice day I decided to take the plugs out for a rare soaking in […]