Recent Sessions

After Dan and Chris’s guided session last weekend there was little chance to rest as I had Barry booked in for a guided lure session on the Tuesday. Faced with the same issue of the weather forecast making things tricky to predict, I spent much of Monday and Tuesday morning getting out with the lures […]


So it was a busy weekend and start to this week, got a fair bit of fishing in, unfortunately that hasn’t left me with a lot of time to write up the reports until now. Starting with Saturday I planned two sessions, beginning with a short trip to a regular mark to try and rediscover […]

Back on the Lures

It was exactly a month ago that I had that epic night landing the 9lb bass, but since then I’ve not had a proper session throwing the plastic around, instead just an hour here and there trying new places. That all changed last night though, with the tide size within my comfort and the weather […]

Tough conditions turn good!

After the schoolie on Friday, I was looking forward to chucking more lures around, as I’m feeling more confident using them with almost every session. However three sessions in and I was getting a bit frustrated, seeing glimpses of fish activity but not being able entice a bite. Its all experience though, now I’ve got […]

Just a Quick One

A very quick write up from a quick session after work on Friday. I took the lures out to a rock mark and despite the clear water and bright sunshine I was reasonably confident of getting into a bass. Got down to the mark and there was only 2-3ft of water but I knew within […]

22/5/17 – Business as usual

After the success last week I was itching to get back out with the lures, however work, weather and tides conspired to be a bit awkward to get out at potentially the most productive time (from my limited experience). I decided to have a few casts this morning at a mark I looked at a […]

18/5/17 – Persistence Pays

So if you read, or have been reading my recent posts you’ll be fully aware that I’ve covered so serious miles recently chucking bits of plastic at the sea in the hope that a fish will mistake it for food. Everything came together eventually last night and made it all the hours spent worthwhile. It […]

9/5/17 – Lure Success!

As I’ve mentioned in a few previous posts, I’ve been putting the miles in with the lures, so far without success. My determination to catch is in part that 5 years ago I went for a walk to Llandwyn Island with some non-fishing friends, I threw a rod and handful of lures in as well. […]