So the weather is doing its best lately to clobber most of my fishing plans, and when its not the weather, its the forecasts making conditions out to be a lot worse than they actually are! Previous to Tuesday I headed out with the intention of trying for codling on the north coast. The forecast […]

Species spotlight – Bass

While my fishing time will be slightly limited over the next few weeks, I will be writing species guides to many of us fish encountered around Anglesey and North Wales. It didn’t take much thinking which would be the first fish under he spotlight – the mighty bass. When beginning the adventure into guiding I […]

Recent Sessions

After Dan and Chris’s guided session last weekend there was little chance to rest as I had Barry booked in for a guided lure session on the Tuesday. Faced with the same issue of the weather forecast making things tricky to predict, I spent much of Monday and Tuesday morning getting out with the lures […]

Back on the Lures

It was exactly a month ago that I had that epic night landing the 9lb bass, but since then I’ve not had a proper session throwing the plastic around, instead just an hour here and there trying new places. That all changed last night though, with the tide size within my comfort and the weather […]