May has been a fairly slow month fish wise, although a lot of that owed to getting out with the lures more often than I did last year. My most productive lure mark a couple of years ago was a channel on the Menai Strait, however now at low tide it is virtually cut off at either end and the fish no longer seem to run through, instead sticking to the main channel. This has meant basically starting again, finding new marks and the best times to fish them.

I also visited another mark I had some success on the lures previously. For a while through May light winds have meant good water clarity around the island, as this mark gets muddy really easily. I spent more time exploring this mark, spending a few hours each time and was rewarded with 8 bass, 7 schoolies upto about 1 and a half pound, and one proper chunk around 6lb. When it comes to finding new marks now for lure fishing I’ve certainly got a better idea of how to approach and where to expect the fish lying. Most of the fish came to a shallow diving lure, fluorescent yellow back and an orange belly.

My one bait session came on a rock mark looking for a spotted ray. I fished for around 4 hours through usually the most productive part of the tide. Trying to cover a variety of options I decided on one ray bait, one flapper for flatties and a scratcher close in for wrasse and minis. There was a bit of algae in the water which I think put off most of the fish close in, with just a single wrasse obliging. Further out the doggies came in force, every cast on the ray baits resulting in a doggie, except one bite. Typically I was further along the rocks scratching around and looked over to see my rod heading seawards. I got there in time to see a massive bow of slack line but the fish had obviously dropped the bait. Had to keep positive as I still had my rod.

Also had one guest session this month. Paul and wife Jo were visiting Anglesey for the first time. After getting a taste on a couple of freshwater sessions Paul was keen to try some sea fishing. Holyhead breakwater was chosen as even in bright sunshine there is usually something biting. In this case it was dogfish and after missing the first bite, Paul didn’t have to wait long for the next one. At the end of the session he had landed between 8-10, and was very happy with that. I also introduced him to a bit of mini bashing but the wrasse were very small an shy. We dropped down to size 14 hooks but even then they would only bite for a short period of time.

A bit rough this week with the storm that has just come through, but that will help to stir up the algal bloom and clear the water for a while. Looking forward to the summer!

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