A little later than planned but here’s a little update throughout March. On the whole, March was a big let down with the weather persistently foiling most of my sea fishing plans. While there is always fish to be caught, throwing bait at doggies and whiting in the rain didn’t appeal too much, so I spent most of the month replenishing my rig supply for the season ahead.

Times when the wind has settled down the fishing has been good, certainly on the west 
coast of the island. Taking advantage of the first real break were my first guests for the year for a guided fishing session, Kieran and Scott, the lucky winners of my January Facebook competition. I picked a productive mark hoping to find them a few fish to remember, as well as pick up steady bites for the entire session. Thankfully the fish played ball from the off; plenty of small fish fell to flapper rigs and even a couple of early season wrasse came close in. As night fell action on the bigger baits started to hot up, and although the dogfish were throwing themselves on everything, two rays and a huss managed to get to the baits in between and give the guys a good fight.


Next up was Sion looking for an introduction to fishing type guided session. He had tried to learn himself from the internet but as can happen became confused by the sheer volume of information, and so wanted to learn the basics in a practical manner. With him travelling from Flintshire I opted to fish the Conwy. This would give us a bit of shelter and give us a reasonable chance of catching at the tide times we would be fishing. After covering casting, rig set up and bait presentation, Sion didn’t have to wait long for the first bite which resulted in a tidy flounder. Once landed I was able to demonstrate a simple way of unhooking deep-hooked flatfish by looping the line through the gills; takes a bit of practise but saves leaving a hook in the fish.

With no more bites forthcoming we hopped across the river to a second mark for a little over an hour where at the very least we would be out of the wind. I was pleasantly surprised that we had bites on the first couple of casts but with no fish to show I was convinced it was small eels pulling the baits. Another similar bite came, this time it looked as if something was hooked. However it wasn’t an eel but a small bass had taken a liking to the crab bait, which ended the session on a high note!

My own fishing has been a bit slow, taking a couple of sessions on the lures for bass. There is plenty showing locally with the water currently very clear, but also very cold still! A few schoolies have obliged to baits though. I had a couple of tries for plaice as well, again a few have been caught but there aren’t many showing in the bigger estuaries further east either. Tope have been high on the agenda as well but despite the weather has limited me to a couple of hours, I’m now much better prepared tactically for when the opportunity arises.

Typically, the current run of good weather has come while I’m in work, but fingers crossed in continues and we get an extended settled spell like last year.


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