July Update

And so to the details of my own sessions.

July continued with what feels like the never ending quest for shore tope. It was back to the beach, but despite plenty of activity in the water again, all that came to the big baits was a couple of huss.

Mullet were high on the agenda, wanting to get them out of the way as soon as possible and get on with hunting a few different species. During a couple of sessions in a creek near Rhosneigr I had them feeding on both occasions. One definite bite but the fish actually snapped me off, where light hooklength had been damaged by a split shot. Plenty of bumps and nudges on the baits but it was almost like carp fishing, they knew the hook was there and they weren’t going to be easily fooled.

Other efforts have been put into increasing the species tally for the year, managing two out of three gurnards, a dragonet and first bream of the year, as well as a few gobies from Amlwch breakwater.

It’ll be much of the same for the next month or two, mixing in further mullet sessions with the tope, and trying to pick off those last few mini species to give myself the best shot of going for the top prize as we head into autumn. Apologies for the lack of words but the pictures can do most of the talking for this post.

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