First Tuition Session of 2018

After exchanging messages for a couple of weeks, Shane, Rob and a couple of their lads came for some guidance on Saturday just gone. They had a tiny bit of experience between them but were very new to fishing heavy ledgering. Combining all factors, and Shane wasn’t sure how long his lad would last I arranged for us to fish Moel y Don on the Menai Strait. Its relatively safe, short distance from the car and a chance of some fish. In order to maximise the possibility of catching we agreed to fish into darkness, however that brings the cold and a lack of light.

With hindsight it would have been better to try somewhere in the day, I think we could have got everyone a properly handle on the casting and see the gear being used. The balance being keeping the kids interested and like I was at that age, having fish biting definitely helps, and best chance of that happening, fish at night. Sadly the fish didn’t bite. I was explaining to Shane and Rob about different marks locally when one of the rods started to twitch. Sure enough it was a definite fish bite. As the lads had gone back to the car to get out of the cold, Shane went to get them, before I reeled in one of the smallest codling I’ve ever seen. I must admit I was quite relieved that I was able to show them a fish, and hopefully that is enough to ignite their enthusiasm for the sport. The Strait doesn’t seemed to have fished well recently, I’ve seen very little coming out and to prove a point yesterday (22/1) I spent a good 4 hours around Menai Bridge without a single bite.

Once they had departed, I headed up the coast to meet Paul for a bash at the coalies. Conditions looked fairly reasonable with a nice swell but not unfishable, and little wind. We got there in plenty of time to fish over high and things started off promising as within an hour we were into whiting and I had a bonus pouting. It wasn’t long before Paul holds up a better fish which was our target. We thought we were in for a good night but a couple of whiting later things just went to pot. We couldn’t buy a bite until right on high tide Paul had a decent take with something putting up a bit of a fight. Unfortunately it seemed  the line rubbing it against the shingle caused some weakness and a breaking swell snapped his line like cotton. A highly disappointing end as it looked like a reasonable fish.

I had one more cast but in truth I had lost all motivation, figuring we should have caught several coalies by this point. The cold had also become a factor, and it turned out it was the coldest night for 2 years, and it definitely felt it! Sorry for the lack of pictures, camera was way up the beach on both occasions.

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