So it was a busy weekend and start to this week, got a fair bit of fishing in, unfortunately that hasn’t left me with a lot of time to write up the reports until now.
Starting with Saturday I planned two sessions, beginning with a short trip to a regular mark to try and rediscover my lure mojo by catching a bass or two. I arrived as the tide was dropping, as this mark has produced more for me around the mid tide and lure choices were the trusty Maria Angel Kiss and a sunslicker paddle up gibbon with a small spro weight to help casting. Conditions perhaps weren’t ideal; sunny and slightly cloudy water, but I felt optimistic that there might be the odd schoolie around at least. To cut nearly two hours of fishing down very quickly there was no takes at all, and as I was leaving dark cloud loomed on the horizon. The only sign of activity I saw was a splash of panic as I seemed to land a cast right on top of a fish. Safe to say it didn’t come back!
After a detour to Ronald’s hamburger place it was onto mark number 2 for the day. I was told about a mark by John Mottram, a member of world sea fishing forums who I met a few weeks ago and recommended this area for decent Pollack. I set about as he suggested, using float fished sandeel. It took a bit of trial and error but eventually I was comfortably working the sandeel hovering just above the kelp.
I thought I saw a couple of bites as the float drifted around but nothing came of them. After about an hour and a half of fishing I was getting slightly frustrated that there was no more action, though I have read before that bright sunshine isn’t the best for Pollack. Eventually when the tide was noticeably flooding I got the first definite bite and small Pollack maybe 1lb in weight came in rather easily on the spinning rod. A couple of casts later I was trying to keep the float away from a now underwater ledge and as I moved it, I felt something pulling back. Turned out to be another pollack of a similar size. From this point I decided to fish more ‘sink and draw’ to cover more ground in front of me and hopefully the bait would now imitate an injured sandeel.
This resulted in two bites in quick succession. The first one missed; the second hooked! This fish made several strong dives towards the seabed, indicating a decent size. As I drew the fish closer I could see my float appearing in the deep and I was eager to see what size this fish would be. Before I caught a glimpse it made one last dive, during which I tightened the drag,as I saw my line head towards a kelp bed. Unfortunately that was my mistake, as I’d dropped to 10lb hooklength in the clear water it was almost inevitable that a good fish would break free under moderate pressure. Still, it gives me hope that I can find a decent Pollack in future now!

By now I was being pushed off my fishing ledge, so I relocated to another where I could still fish over the same ground. Before leaving I had another bite, resulting in another pollack, this one a bit bigger than the first two, pushing towards 2lb weight. So that was Saturday done with, work took up Sunday but in the meantime I made plans for decent sessions Monday and Tuesday, write ups of those one their way!
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