Morning Ray

After the disappointment a couple of weeks ago of losing what felt like a ray I headed back to the mark this morning to try and make amends. The forecast was for the wind to increase throughout the day, but I though it would be manageable during my planned fishing time. 

It was tricky for almost all the time I fished, the strong cross wind making it difficult to keep in contact with the weight and detect bites. I didn’t expect much in the first hour or so after low tide and sure enough, nothing happened! Baits came back untouched, but I kept putting fresh on to maximise the scent trail left in the water.
After having a snood snipped by a spider crab, I watched the other rod as it seemed to be moving in the current. However there was a lot of movement in the rod tip outside what I was used to by now with the wind. I reeled down tight and lifted into the resistance. It was light, but not like a doggie, so my suspicion was that it was a small ray. This was confirmed as it stayed deep until right next to the rocks, and I could see the distinctive diamond shape emerging from the very blue sea.
It was tiny, maybe only a pound in weight, however it was target achieved. I didn’t have another bite but it rounded off the 2 sessions quite nicely, catching targets both today and last night. I was off the rocks just both the weather turned and I was cut off by the tide.
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