Sunday Morning LRF

I had nearly a full pack of ragworm leftover after Fridays session, and with it needing using I headed into Menai Bridge this morning with the light gear to search out some mini species. Having tried this a few times before with little success I wasn’t overly optimistic, but at least it would get the worms used.

Starting off by the bridge, I fished off a high rock casting out into the areas of calm water. It took a bit of patience, the rapidly changing currents and snaggy ground making it difficult to hold bottom. It took me by surprise when I had a fish bite second cast and up came a first for the year, a tompot blenny. Bites on the next two casts resulted in another tompot blenny and a snag, after which the quickly rising water forced me off my perch.

Not wanting to move too far away I opted to fish from a mark called “the green” on the other side of the bridge. Due to the initially shallow depth I expected it to take an hour or so before there was any action. However on dropping the first baits in I could see small fish circling and ripping at the baits. After a couple of misses I dropped down to a size 10 hook and soon I had landed the culprit, a small corkwing wrasse.

From then on the bites continued for the two hours I fished. Positioning the baits in an area just out of the main flow kept the fish interested and I ended up with 4 corkwings, a small ballan wrasse and at least 5 shanny to add to the tompots caught earlier.

Despite the occasional shower it was a productive little session before heading to work at midday, and more learnt about a mark that I’ve often overlooked in the past.


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