Back on the Hounds

After the successful solo mission last week, myself and Paul headed back out in slightly more comfortable conditions for another crack at them. We were heading towards neap tides and with high being so late we thought a couple of fish each would be a good result.

As we unpacked the cars the water looked a little higher than we thought it would be, so we stomped down to the mark as quick as possible, eager to get the baits in. Rigs and tactics were simple, pulley pennells and crab for bait, there is little point in taking anything else here.

It didn’t take long before all four rods were fishing. Expecting a little wait for the first bites, I had set out my gear to repair a few rigs when ZZZZZZ, a ratchet was going and Paul was straight in. A decent fish around 6-7lb was up, photoed and released. No sooner was it back in the water when Pauls other rod was nodding away as well. Another Smoothound was coming in, this one just a pup but two fish in the first two casts was surely a good sign for the evening.

My first casts stayed completely still so it was time to refresh baits and get in on the action. I was considering moving the other side of Paul to see if that made a difference but my ratchet was soon singing. I took my time, making sure to land the fish as I might only get one, bring the fish closer to our fishing point I slid the fish onto dry land, instead of lifting it up by the line like last time. A similar size to Pauls at around 6-7lb. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I don’t bother weighing fish, as nice as it would be to know I prefer to get these magnificent creatures back in the water as soon as possible. In a similar pattern to Paul, I was in again next cast with smaller pup as well.

The action continued throughout the night, I didn’t get chance to repair any rigs as as soon as I sat down a ratchet was singing again. By the time we had packed up an hour after high tide we had reached at least 10 smoothounds between us, a had full of dogfish and a bonus bass for myself. Most of the fish were pups up to 4-5lb, however highlight of a very good session was atoning for losing a good fish last week by catching an absolute beauty which must have been knocking around the double figure mark. While the smoothounds can reach much bigger, a double figure shore caught fish is a very good specimen for North Wales. Got even more rigs to repair now!

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