Second Guided Session

Thursday night saw three of us seeking both fish and shelter from fairly strong winds. I was joined by Ethan and Billy, both who have been fishing before but were seeking help in order to improve catches in the future. I decided on Penrhos as the venue, as the wind would be on our backs, sport is pretty reliable and there’s a chance of a bonus ray or smoothound.

We arrived in daylight so I could see the guys cast and give a few pointers on technique, however they were more than capable of sending the baits out just beyond the rocks. From then we discussed mostly bait presentation, different marks and times that are most likely to produce fish. Rigging up with 2 and 3 hook flappers allowed us to try a variety of baits to find which works best.

I wasn’t expecting much in daylight but within about 5 minutes of casting, Billy’s rod bounced into life, unsure when to begin reeling I suggested leaving it for a minute or so to let the bite develop. Sure enough the occasional nod became a consistent rattle, and upon reeling there was a noticeable bend in the rod. As I had expected it a dogfish was the culprit and as it broke the surface I went down to the waters edge to land it for Billy. He was over the moon with it, having been over a year since catching a fish he had one within 10 minutes of this session. We planned on being out for about 4 hours so this was a good sign.

It didn’t take long before Ethan had a bite too, this time it was a whiting holding onto his sandeel bait. The action continued and while never hectic, bites were coming nearly every cast and most resulted in a fish landed, mostly dogfish and a pouting made an appearance. I had set up 2 rods as well to try and tempt a bonus fish using frozen crab and squid/sandeel wraps, but these just resulted in more doggies.

The 4 hours went by incredibly quickly but we left satisfied with our evenings session and I was chuffed that the guys were able to get into some consistent sport and learn a few new skills, making it worthwhile heading out in the rough conditions.

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