Just a Quick One

A very quick write up from a quick session after work on Friday. I took the lures out to a rock mark and despite the clear water and bright sunshine I was reasonably confident of getting into a bass.

Got down to the mark and there was only 2-3ft of water but I knew within an hour there would be 5-6ft at least as the water was moving pretty quickly. About 3rd cast in, I stuck the lure as close to the rocks as I dared and set about the fast retrieve. Halfway in I felt a tell tale bump on the lure of a fish having a go. As the lure came into view I could see a small schoolie not much bigger than the lure itself turn away but I was pretty optimistic of catching now, even if it was a tiddler.

This theme continued for 20 mins with fish following or bumping the lure, a fish even had a go at a chug bug on the surface but somehow missed the lure. Eventually it happened though, a few turns into a retrieve the line goes tight and the rod is thumping – fish on! While not big it was a lively one and eager to take line so I took my time before landing. Around 2lb it was bigger than all the fish I’d seen so far throughout the session. I had a few more casts and another take, unfortunately it seemed to run into some weed and dropped the lure.

Given the supposed less than ideal condition I had just caught in, I decided to try out the night potential at the same mark on Sunday after a potential smoothound session bit the dust. I rolled up just as the light completely faded. Keeping my torch of the water for as long as possible I started fanning the casts in all directions and making regular lure changes. Nothing encouraged a take so I retrieved with my torch on to see if any fish were following the lure. Turns out not! I made a short move to a different ledge but wasn’t overly optimistic and after a few casts made a short drive to a spot I thought would have potential over high tide. Unfortunately the size of tide meant my planned standing ledge was inaccessible. As I was there I sent out a few casts but no signs of any fish I was back home probably a bit earlier than I expected.

What could have caused the lack of fish I’m not sure, either the sudden easterly wind, or at the first mark the tide was higher than any point I’ve caught fish out here before may have been influencing factors. Still, all useful information when planning future sessions.

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