22/5/17 – Business as usual

After the success last week I was itching to get back out with the lures, however work, weather and tides conspired to be a bit awkward to get out at potentially the most productive time (from my limited experience).

I decided to have a few casts this morning at a mark I looked at a couple of weeks ago. At low tide it certainly looks inviting, with plenty of pools, gulleys and pinnacles for bass to use to ambush any prey. I fish for about 90 minutes from just before high water down, mostly used my only proven fish catcher – the Maria Chase Sandeel, along with a Nabarone ima X duo and had a few casts with a Flash Arrow minnow weedless soft plastic.

Unfortunately despite conditions looking spot on, 4ft or more visibility, cloudy skies and a slight chop on the water I couldn’t tempt a take or follow. One retrieve I felt a bump on the lure. Initially I thought I had bounced it over a rock but after repeatedly casting to the same area and retrieving the same way it got nowhere near the rocks, which left me thinking it could have been a fish. That was as close to any excitement as I got.

So its back to the drawing board here, but I still believe this is a promising mark, and one I’ll be putting a bit more effort into.

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