9/5/17 – Lure Success!

As I’ve mentioned in a few previous posts, I’ve been putting the miles in with the lures, so far without success. My determination to catch is in part that 5 years ago I went for a walk to Llandwyn Island with some non-fishing friends, I threw a rod and handful of lures in as well. First cast that day I landed a bass, next cast I had follow from another bass, I hooked and lost a garfish and had a couple of mackerel, and in general thought that lure fishing was an easy game. That changed with no more success.

However this year I decided to invest heavily both in time and financially, fishing more with just the plastic and updating my rather sparse lure collection. Yesterday morning the hard work brought reward. 5.30am alarm and I was out the door and walking to the mark by 6.30. I stomped up and down the rocks and cliff faces looking for likely bass hang outs, casting a range of lures from soft plastics, surface poppers and shallow divers into the clear water. I stopped at several outcrops and while there were terns diving 200-300 yards out I had no indication of fish activity.

With the prospect of work looming I started to make my way back to the car, stopping one last time on a reasonably promising rock I began slinging out the plastic. After a couple of casts I thought I caught a glimpse of a fish but put it down to the sun now reflecting onto the water. Next cast I was within the last 5 metres of the retrieve when a dark streamlined shape appeared underneath and began tracking the lure, unfortunately I ran out of water to be able to work the lure effectively. Adrenalin well and truly pumping all of a sudden, I flicked the lure out again, this time a bigger fish around 3-4lb charged and bumped the lure but managed to miss the hooks. Another cast, another follow in the last 5 metres, this time no mistake, a small schoolie bolted off with the lure. Only slightly disappointingly I didn’t get to enjoy much of a fight because as I lifted the rod the fish came straight out of the water and swung into my hand. Quick photo and it was back in the water. I made a couple more casts but no more activity, either the fish had spooked or just moved on to another feeding area. It didn’t matter though, target achieved I made it to work on time, tide time and conditions noted, Happy Days!

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