Into May Update

So I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog again for a couple of weeks, partly a reflection on the fishing, and partly due to work.

The last fish I actually caught was way back just after the last blog entry, I took another trip down the Llyn. Weather unfortunately did not play ball, with a strong north/northeasterly wind putting a bit of a swell into the water. Coupled with the strong tidal currents this can make a lot of the ledges here uncomfortable to fish from. The mark I fished a couple of days before was definitely out of bounds so I walked down the coast looking for shelter. I rigged up 2 heavy rods, and also a feather rod. The feathers produced pollack from the off, often getting double hook ups just as the feathers came up to an underwater ledge. They started out at a decent size, around a pound to pound and a half but gradually got smaller and fewer. I also decided to try some larger Isome worms on a flapper rig to tempt a wrasse or two. Despite a couple of small pollack (success at least) nothing else wanted to play ball. With the heavy rods it was all quiet, I did get a few nods but it was probably just doggies and and losing 3 rigs in 5 casts I decided it wasn’t worth waiting it out here. Nothing ventured nothing gained though!

Since then I have been hammering sessions on the lures, determined to get into the bass action, as there have been some nice fish coming out. Looking through my notes I’ve had at least 6 sessions, but I’ve come away with nothing each time. The closest I feel I’ve been is fishing a channel maybe 50 metres wide, with fish coming to the surface all around me for about an hour. Changes in lures, direction of casts, method of working the lure were all changed numerous times but unfortunately the fish were not interested. I thought perhaps they might be mullet working the shallows, but apparently if there is mullet the bass are never too far away.

Hopefully the building tides this week will bring a bit of success!

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