End the Suspense

So with my bucket of lugworm as mentioned in the last post, I fished for a couple of hours Thursday morning before work – and how did I get on?

Well I was at the mark pretty well on low water setting up one bait rod and one lure rod. It became obvious that the water was too cloudy to warrant using the lures for long so it was soon two bait rods.

First cast I managed a first for the year, a doggie! And that was it. I fed the crabs for 1 and a half hours until last cast I was getting definite fish rattles. I got itchy and decided to reel in, too early it turns out and all I bought in was a slightly chewed worm, the culprit was probably a small flatfish.

With the wind and rain persisting so much I couldn’t really justify taking pictures of a doggie, and I went to work looking like the proverbial drowned rat!

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