Last week round up

A short post, just rounding up the last weeks events. After holidays, working 6 days a week and trying to keep up my sports the fishing took a slight back seat, no major drama given the weather.

Last Thursday myself and Paul had plans to head to the north of Anglesey. A drop in the wind through the day opened up our options for fishing on the west side but we stuck to our original plan. I had been discussing this mark in detail with another at work, and previous experience also suggests it is more of a low water mark so fishing over high water wasn’t ideal. The evening proved this theory right as it wasn’t until at least one and a half hours that the rod tips started to twitch, the action being so slow that a starfish had time to plonk itself on my half mackerel bait.

By this point Paul had moved along the rocks slightly, and was rewarded with the first fish, a small huss, and I mean small. Probably in the 12-18 month old range. I missed one bite, the next gave me a series of reasonable pull downs but I resisted the urge to strike to ensure the fish had the bait in its mouth. Unfortunately whatever it was never came back and the bait came back relatively untouched. Paul dropped a doggie at the edge and despite a few more bites I had no fish to show. I put this down to only doggies finding my bait too big to swallow. Due to work we packed up as the tide was mid ebb, wondering what might have been if we had gone west.

Monday and Tuesday morning I decided to give my new LRF gear a long overdue soaking. I went to Menai Bridge as it was nice and close, and appears to be decent ground for the LRF species. I stuck mostly with Savage Gear micro sandeels and ragworm imitations but unfortunately had no joy. The water had about 2ft visibility in places but I saw little fish activity. Usually around this area you can see small pollack loitering under weed fringes but they weren’t there on these mornings. On Monday I caught a glimpse of a fish that shot out from alongside a rock wall and had a look at a ragworm imitation before deciding against taking it. I believe perseverance will pay in the end with the LRF and results will improve once the water warms and clears slightly. On to tomorrow morning I have a bucket of fresh lug waiting to tempt a bass before work tomorrow.

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