So I’ve not had time to post an update till now, this was last Wednesday now. I dug some decent lug early morning then headed to the island after breakfast. Initially I planned to try for the first ray of the year at somepoint, however weather forecast meant it was only bass on my mind.

I revisited the mark of my previous success, getting there much earlier in the tide and therefore getting more fishing time. The plan was to have two bait rods out and throw a few lures out as well to get some practise with them. The water was clearer than last time but some nice waves rolling in I felt pretty confident. I fished up and over high water without a nibble, changing to three bait rods on the dropping tide to try and improve my chances. It wasn’t to be though with no detectable bites I called it a day and made a move, via Mconalds, to the second mark.

Arriving in good time I sent out a bait rod with a big juicy lug then set up with the lures again for a bit more practise throwing them around. As I was moving around with the lure rod, I saw a bite on the bait rod as something had broken out the lead. I dropped the lure rod where it was picked up the bait rod, feeling for the fish. It was still there so a quick strike and it was game on. After a short but spirited fight my prize was in front of me. A little schoolie bass of maybe a pound.

I was hopeful of more bites but as the tide dropped so bit my optimism. Despite having grown up fishing for bass in ridiculously shallow beaches of West Wales I have found that the bass around Anglesey seem to prefer a little bit of depth (3ft or more). Switching to two bait rods, one of them started acting a bit strange but I put this down to the wind. However when reeling in I felt a series of sharp rattles and my suspicions were confirmed when a flounder popped out of the water.

As the light dropped I thought I might get a couple more bites before I had to leave and this was the case. I missed a good pull down which meant one last cast but nothing came of it. I was fairly convinced that there was more bass out there as the tide began to push in but in all probability it would have just been more schoolies. Was hoping to get out again in between but the weather seems to have clobbered most of my plans for the weekend just gone.

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