Rigs – Single snood paternoster

While I was fiddling around doing pictures for the first knots installment, I decided to do a few pictures for making rigs as well.

I’ve started with one of the more basic, but very versatile rigs, the single snood paternoster. So lets get too it…

Step 1
Tie your top swivel to your rig body, which should be 60lb+ for security when casting. You can start with the weight clip, but I prefer to start from the top down which will become clearer why later.

Step 2
Cut your rig body to the length you desire. A good tip here is to cut the line at an angle which makes it easier to slid on the rest of the rig components. Unfortunately this is a little difficult to photograph.

Step 3
Slide on the components in the order – crimp, bead, swivel, bead, crimp. I use beads that when they are pushed together, still allow the swivel to spin freely around the line.

Step 4
Slide the components up the line until they are the desired distance from the top swivel. No hard and fast rules but I’ve found too close can lead to more tangles so tend to leave 3 or 4 inches.

Step 5
When in place crush the crimps with a pair of pliers, or you can get a special tool, making sure everything stays nice and compact. They should be tight enough on the line that they don’t move under pressure, but too tight and the line could get damaged under the crimp.

Step 6
Attach the weight clip, using a plain clip (left in picture) to leave the snood flapping, or a rig clip (right in picture) to turn it into a clip down rig.

Step 7
Attach the hooklength line to the small swivel and cut to the desired length. It can be cut slightly shorter than the rig body length, but depending on how short you go, if fishing high up into deep water your bait might be off the bottom. Leaving it longer than the rig body will guarantee your bait will be on the seabed. When going for the clip down option I cut the snood the same length of the rig body. And trim the tag end, like I haven’t here…

Step 8
Attach the hook. Either a single hook or pennel, sliding another hook onto the hooklength before tying on the main hook. A tip for the clip down option is to make the tag end of the hook knot, the same length as the hook shank which should mean the hook stays secure in the clip when casting. The picture below shows how the clip down should look.


And that is the single snood paternoster, more rigs coming soon!
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