It seems I’m running out of slightly inventive titles for each post. Anyway, originally I wanted to go down the Llyn but the weather kyboshed that, so the plan for today was to try a new mark for bass then have a crack at the rays. This was all heavily weather dependent, while the worst of the wind was on my back a strong swell was pushing up the beaches and rock marks.

It helped I was able to dig a few lug the evening before, meaning no early morning/night digging. I drove down to my intended mark without a hitch, until barely 100 yards from the car parking area I was greeted by a herd of marauding cows. I was unsure of them and they were unsure of me so I backed up out of their path and waited for them to move on. At least 1/2 an hour after getting there they started to move on, away from the road and across the field. Clear of the unexpected bovine obstacle I was out of the car and on my way down the well trodden path in double quick time.

I cleared the dunes to be greeted with a raging surf, breakers forming 200-300 meters out. In  hindsight I should have gone for waders and fished from the beach but as I was in boots I needed to find a spot high up on the rocks. I took a range of gear but only fished one rod to see how it behaved. Initially it was a struggle with the waves catching the line and dragging the weight around and after a couple of casts my mind wandered onto what I could be doing/where I could be fishing instead. Third cast I had all but decided would be my last before moving on, until I was re-awakened by a sharp tap. A couple of minutes later I felt the unmistakable rattle of a fish through the wind and the waves, struck in and it was game on!

It wasn’t a huge fish just by the feel of it but the game was going to be landing it. I thought I could give it a well timed lift up the rocks with help from the swell. However I just found myself lifting the fish up and out while copping a soaking from the wave. Still didn’t matter, mission accomplished.

As the tide dropped I decided to move a little further up the coast and try for another (rude not too) however finding another suitable ledge proved tricky. When I did find somewhere a combination of weed and waves made it difficult to keep my gear static. I gave it another hour and half before my optimism dropped and decided to make a break for the ray mark.

With no other cars there I got the ledge I wanted, but was met with a reasonable swell riding up the rocks. Was disappointed to find the rocks covered in other anglers rubbish, worse than I’ve ever seen it meaning I’ll leave the place alone and find my rays somewhere a little out the way

. Fortunately the way the rocks face I was out of the wind again. I went all out with sandeel/squid wraps and big chunks of mackerel but it wasn’t too be. Despite baits being munched every cast I landed just a couple of whiting, and missed the most obvious bite on my last cast. Not wanting to chance it in the swell any longer I had plans to head back out for bass with the last of the lug, however being cold, wet and hungry I couldn’t face any more fishing and decided to leave it till next time.

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