Another Bass Attempt

Last night myself and Paul ventured out to the fabled “big bass mark” to try and tempt a monster.
Arriving at low the tide was well out, giving us a chance to locate the gulleys we would be fishing into as the tide filled. Everything was quiet for the first hour fishing but just as the tide got going I had a bite and a small bass was soon in and released. Paul had a whiting and not long after recasting I had another small bass. Soon I couldn’t keep up with the bites, getting at least another 4, hooking and landing yet another small bass.

The action slowed after that hectic first hour, however this did coincide with me switching to straight squid baits, instead of using lugworm. Paul went for a slightly more mobile approach, getting into a small bass and a coalie, before we each used up the last lugworm, managing a whiting each in the process.

No pictures unfortunately, the camera was way up the rocks, and nothing was particularly worth taking a picture of. Maybe out later this week, might go for a change of scene if the weather holds.

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