First success of the year

So earlier today I set my sights back on catching my first bass of 2017. The plan was to dig lugworm on the island, then head over towards Holyhead to begin fishing. Got onto the beach, and took a walk down towards the water to try and find some bigger worms. Unfortunately they were all a fair bit smaller than I would have liked, and what I was used to. Still they would have to do. After a fair bit of walking on the soggy beach I happened to find out that my walking boots weren’t as waterproof as they had claimed. Thankfully I had a spare pair of socks in the car, an essential item to carry!

I made my way to the fishing spot, the tide still well out. As I got unpacked I realised I had left a very necessary piece of kit at home, the top bar of my tripod! I did think about turning straight back around but I was here ready to fish so I plodded on and made do as best I could. I went for one big rod and my spinning rod with a light ledger.

I was on the phone giving directions to Arwyn when I saw a bite on my spinning rod. Unfortunately I missed it but had another bait out there in double quick time, only this cast I decided to hold the rod. This did the trick, as just as Arwyn arrived I had a bite and connected straight away. It didn’t feel big but not wanting to lose it I took my time and gave it line when it ran. Eventually I had turned it and got its head up in the shallows and slid it onto the sand. A shimmering silver bass was on the sand, brightening up a very dull day. Not the biggest at 1lb but more than made up with it and after a quick photo it was out swimming from whence it came.

We fished on but for the next hour and a half the current picked up and brought with it a fair amount of weed. Darkness fell and now we were getting pushed up the rocky ledges. We decided on last casts, loading the hooks with 4 or 5 lug each using up the last of it. 10 minutes and I had a little rattle and soon a much smaller bass was on the rocks and back in the sea. Arwyn didn’t have to wait much longer to get in on the action with a little bass about 8 inches long. Size definitely didn’t matter today though, target achieved and the ball is rolling for the year now.

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