First 3

…Sessions of 2017.

Had 3 shortish sessions in the last 3 days hoping to open my account for the year in style.

First go was Holyhead Breakwater for herring. I was flinging the sabiki’s from the inside quite happily, but without success. With it being quite choppy on the inside, and from what I’ve read I thought that might have put them off. So I looked over the outside wall and it was a lot calmer so went for a couple of casts here. First one went out and came back no problem. Second one the wind caught hold of it and I watched the weight go a great distance, unfortunately that distance exceeded the amount of line on my spool and the lot was gone. That cut my session a lot shorter than I planned and giving me another purchase.

Second session was after bass around Holyhead. Digging worm was difficult but eventually I had enough and made my way to the mark. I wasn’t exactly sure of where to fish but I pitched up at a likely looking spot and got drowning worms. I was slightly surprised to have a bite just 30mins into fishing, a good pull down took line against the ratchet, unfortunately the fish had dropped the bait before I picked the rod up. After another hour of fishing, a quick move and another hour I had no more bites and ran out of time, otherwise the car would have been locked in over night. Back at home the work wasn’t done as I had to spread everything out in a suitable place to dry, as lets say it rained more than it didn’t throughout the day.

Onto session 3 which was earlier today. With the wind dying down I thought it would be a better chance to bag a herring or two off the breakwater and try out my new LRF gear which had finally arrived. Arwyn was also up for it as it gave him a chance to try out a new spinning rod. Conditions looked good, nice and flat with little wind. On went the sabiki’s on the LRF rod and a tiny 1/4oz weight. We worked our way along the breakwater, a quick catch with a chap just leaving confirmed that the herring were there, though at a fair distance out. I thought I might make it that far with my heavier spinning rod, but as two days prior there wasn’t enough line on the reel to reach. Darkness fell with no herring for us, just a couple of whiting each.

Hard going but at least I’ve seen a fish now!

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