New Year

A belated Happy New Year to everyone!

Just a quick update on the last session of 2016. I returned to the rumoured big bass mark the day before new years eve. Despite arriving bang on low tide I was a bit surprised to find no water in front of the mark I intended to fish. I set up one rod, took a wander and chucked it in, though I didn’t expect to get anything I didn’t want to waste time sitting round waiting. Eventually the gullys in front of me started to fill and I had both rods in with big squid baits.

I thought I’d seen a rattle, then keeping an eye on it the rod pulled down harder. Lifting in I could feel a fish on but it didn’t feel much bigger than a whiting. Mean while the ratchet on the other rod made a bit of noise, however I put this down to weed in the current and dealt with the fish I already had first. Fairly surprised to find a small bass, only just bigger than the squid bait hanging on the end. Not nearly as big as I had hoped for but a bass in December is always a welcome sight.

By the time I got to the other rod it was snagged up, and I’ll never know what happened to it. I fished on for a couple more hours but only had a few quick rattles that came to nothing. Happy with a bass but will be back at least once more for a big ‘un!

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