Last last tope chance

Not been out for a few weeks, the couple of sessions previously were too wet and windy with nothing worth getting the camera for. However a day off today and decent, if a little cold, weather meant I was definitely getting out. Fishing a reasonably big tide down to low, and a northerly wind I didn’t really fancy anywhere on Anglesey to produce what I wanted so I made a dash down the Llyn to try out some new territory. I left Bangor around 12 and after the mammoth drive I was down the rocks and started fishing just after 2pm with the plan to leave about 5pm.

I set up as usual, 8/0 hooks, short wire trace and half mackerel baits. Initially the current and swell kept the ratchets buzzing a bit too much and holding bottom was a struggle. First cast was out there for over an hour while I tried feathering for some fresh bait. I had already lost a rig to a snag on my second big rod and I thought the same had happened to the first rod but eventually it pulled free and there was a bit of weight on the end. I wasn’t sure what I had on, as it slid onto the rocks I initially thought I had a decent gurnard but as I got down to it, it was obviously a meaty 3 beard rockling that had wriggled onto the big hook.

The picture doesn’t really do it justice but its the best I could do with the self timer. I thought I might see more action now the current had eased but not so. A few lost feathers to the rocks as I unsuccessfully thrashed the water for mackerel and pollack. I was kept on my toes by the swell making it look like I had bites on the bigger rods. Other than that the most excitement I got was the appearance of a seal and a large bird, possibly a buzzard or just a crow on steroids flew into one of the lines as it tried to take one of my discarded mackerel baits off the rocks.

After admiring the sunset over Bardsey Island I began packing up to get back to the car in the light. With one rod away the other started going beserk. I lifted into a decent weight and it was fish on! I tried to keep the line tight as I moved closer to the edge ready for landing, unfortunately as I was moving down everything went solid. I hoped the fish would pull itself free but it wasn’t too be, the pull downs stopped and the fish was gone. I got the rig back but the session ended on a bit of an anti-climax, as the lost fish would have been a decent bonus at a new mark. Back out on Anglesey next week when the tides a move favourable, hopefully the weather holds!
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