So the weekend just gone I was in two minds what to go out for, either bass or rays. Happy with the success of the rays on Tuesday I decided it was time to try and beat my long standing bass personal best. With our east coast mark not producing anything like it has done the last couple of years, I opted to go to Dinas, with a favourable tide and forecast.

I dug my lug and took a couple of launce as well and was setting up on the beach about 2 and a half hours before high just as it was getting fully dark, perfect! Unfortunately I find fishing at Dinas is never simple, the weather is never quite how it is forecast, large quantities of weed turn up out of nowhere, the sandbanks move and the list goes on. A combination of all these factors came on Friday night along with occasional bursts of rain, making everything a bit uncomfortable. I started around the first bend but moved back towards the car slightly after getting nothing but weed. From first cast I had one each of a schoolie, doggie, whiting and codling in a quick 30 mins of action, before everything went quiet… and it stayed quiet. 3 fellas were set up nearer the car park and they left at high water, and I followed shortly after as I could see I was actually casting into a shallower area of the beach, getting to bed earlier than expected.

Saturday I headed straight out from work up to Lillypond to try for my 4th ray species of the year and complete the set. Fishing the tide up there was a strong right to left pull and for a while the grip leads were struggling to hold. I wasn’t expecting much until night started to fall, and first bite was predictably a doggie. I got the feeling no rays were going to come out and play so switched focus on one rod to tempt a huss or conger. Started out by catching a bait sized whiting and lashing that to a 6/0, and eventually changed the other rod over to a massive squid bait. Lobbed them out and left them, tidied everything up ready to go and waited…and waited… and waited… After about 45 mins it was clear that nothing was around to have a go at the baits and the whiting rig got tangled so wasn’t fishing properly. These two sessions brought everything back down to earth after the previous two sessions exceeded expectations. On we go, and weather depending it will be last chance saloon on the tope this weekend.

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