Tope update

So the last week I managed to get two short sessions out with the number 1 target of course being tope.

Wednesday morning I headed to a new mark near Amlwch. Heavy mist made it tricky to find a suitable ledge, and I ended up a bit further away from where I planned to be, but I made the most of my limited time and I got fishing. The big rods were straight out with half mackerel baits and wasn’t long before the tips were nodding with doggies. I set up my third rod with feathers to try for some mackerel for fresh bait. Unfortunately I had no such luck with them, but did manage 3 decent pollack to 2lb by bringing the feathers in close to the rocks. All the big rods bought in was doggies, and I lost a couple of sets of gear so there was a few snags out there, but this was definitely a mark that I’ll revisit.

Friday evening I zoomed straight from work to a nearby rock mark for a few hours. Fishing the last few hours up to high on a big tide normally isn’t the best for this mark but it was worth a go. The swell was never dangerous but it kept me on my toes as it got dark. I managed just one mackerel which took one of the big baits on the retrieve, this was quickly dispatched and cut in half for the last round of casts. unfortunately I fudged one of the casts so arguably I only had one bait fishing. I left the one good cast rod out while I packed everything away. As I went to reel the last one in there was a definite bite, I struck and there was a fish on and there was a bit of weight to it as well. After a brief tussle I eventually got it to the surface and onto the rocks below me where I could grab it. A decent huss and a good way to end the session, hopefully get a longer session or two on the tope next week.

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