Back Bassing

The weather and tides coincided Saturday just gone, to give me a bit of optimism to try the corner for bass again. I met up with Paul and Arwyn at Penmaenmawr to dig worm for the session. With plenty for the session we made a quick stop for food before setting up at our mark. As the water was still quite a way out I used to time to knock together a few more rigs, though this was forced as I left most of the ones I planned to use at home!

I went all guns blazing with 3 rods and big lug baits, a settled down waiting for the ratchet to go. First cast there seemed to be a little bit of interest, however upon reeling in the weight and bait was smothered in green mat weed, not a good sign. Next round of casts there was no action, but on reeling in, one of the baits had obviously been mauled by an eel as it was horribly tangled with snotty slime all up the line. Inconvenient to say the least as I had to chop up the rig and tie on another, wasting a bit of time. While that was happening Arywn had landed 2 eels, and Paul had moved 50 yards to the other side of the beach to try and find a bass.

I was standing by my bass rod when I noticed a pull down, a quick strike and fish on. It came in a bit easy but there was enough fight to suggest it was more than an eel. Sure enough a bass was soon sliding up the beach, small but a bass is a bass!

With the little one returned, we fished hard for another but it just didn’t happen. I think that the presence of so many small mackerel all around North Wales that the bass are still out there chasing the shoals of baitfish instead of grubbing around inshore for worms and crabs. Back after the tope this week, the big bass will have to wait a little longer!
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