August Round Up

The last month or so has been occupied mainly with tope hunting, however that has been fairly uneventful. To break the blank cycle I’ve had a few goes targeting other species.

While at Pwllheli I originally pitched up by Gimblet Rock in the hope of tope. After Nothing at all showing I moved down to the other end of the beach and before they went of the feed I manged a couple of bream. Only small but still another species knocked off the list.

Also had a session after the bass to see if they had turned up at the corner in numbers. Unfortunately the forecast wind never arrived, so the water was flat calm. Both me and Paul managed a schoolie each but given previous years we expected to be pulling them out like doggies.

Last session was Wednesday just gone, with Paul pulling out a few rays on the Monday we hit the beach again with high hopes for the small eyes. I got there just after high tide with Paul, Arwyn and 2 other fellas already set up. Those two had fished all the way from low up without luck but we expected the action to begin on the ebb. We chased the tide out further and further with no sign of action the two fellas left. Was getting towards packing up myself when I had a codling, and decided next casts would be the last. One rod was away and I thought I saw a bite on the other but I put it down to weed. It wasn’t until the last part of the retrieve when I was the line moving off to the left I realised I had a fish on and sure enough it was a ray. Turned out to be a thornback, not the species we were after but a very welcome bonus, making the late night worth while.

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