July Continued

I decided to have a quick session out yesterday to try for a Blonde Ray. Not that I’ve caught one before, but I felt conditions were quite good – overcast, slight onshore breeze, water quite clear but a little bit of chop on the water. I was a little later to the mark than I planned so I ended up starting fishing pretty much dead on low water.

First casts made, and I had quite a long wait before a bite resulted in the regular doggie. I played around with a spinner for a bit to see if there was any mackerel but there was no takers there. I did notice upon retrieving the big rods a bit of brown sludge on the line which meant dreaded algae. A poor session here last month I feel was the result of a lot of this algae in the water so I thought this session could head the same way. Fortunately it seemed to disperse as the tide started to push, and another doggie give me a bit more optimism.

It was nearly time to pack up and I was retrieving one rod when I turned around and noticed the other line had gone slack. I took up the line and waited to feel any indication of a fish, not wanting to strike too soon and miss. Sure enough it was fish on and it felt a bit more than a doggie. I took my time as the fish stayed deep until it was about 20 feet out, then I could see the distinct shape of a ray making its way to the surface.

I had hopes it would be a small blonde ray, however as it broke the surface it was obvious it was actually a spotted ray, and quite a nice one at that. It continued to scrap at the edge of the rocks but eventually I got it on its back and was able to bring it up the rocks.

With this sudden action I dropped the ray into a rockpool while I quickly baited up another rig and cast out. I had just returned the ray and started packing my gear away when the rod I had cast started to develop a good bend. Again I waited before setting the hook, this time though this fish came in easier than the first. Another slightly smaller spotted ray was soon at my feet, a quick photo and then released.

That was the end of the action as I had to pack away and get home. Didn’t quite get what I was after but a good little session with my run of good luck continuing nicely!

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