Hound Hunting Pt2

Went after hounds again with Paul after finally pinpointing the right area. While it meant a 5am start to collect enough crab bait for myself, the rest of the day was pretty routine.

Expectations were high with us thinking it would be a busy night, with reports from this area being pretty consistent with people landing several fish in a session. Sport wasn’t as hectic as we had predicted, we had to wait till the sun dropped before getting the bites. 

Just before the head-torches came out I had the first run and beached a lovely smoothound of maybe 7lb. It took a while but eventually we had the next bite and it fell to Paul, and he landed a fish of a similar size. He was also next in with a good take, however the fish had other plans and decided to head off to Ireland like a steam train and snapped his mainline! I had two more fish late on, plus we both had at least two runs each where the fish dropped the bait. 

I even managed a bit more hand to fin combat as my last hound shook the hook at the edge so I managed to skip down the rocks and lift it out while it was still cruising the shallows! Just a short entry this time, will leave the pictures to do most of the talking.

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