Update of the last week

So last week with the tides on the small side I decided to have another crack at catching some rays.


With strong south westerly winds throughout the day on Sunday I opted to go to Cemlyn, as I’ve read the very occasional report of thornbacks being caught there, and the wind would be on my back. In addition huss and the occasional conger are taken off the beach. Things started quite promising in daylight, even if it was just pin whiting but I expected the action to pick up as darkness set in. Unfortunately with the clocks going forward and the clear sky it didn’t get properly dark until about 9pm and I felt like that would put some of the bigger fish off coming into the bay. Despite the wind dropping making the fishing vey comfortable nothing of interest showed and I ended the night having caught a few whiting and about half a dozen doggies. The major bonus was being able to get rid of all the skanky old bait in the freezer and I restocked ready for a midweek session.


With light winds, dropping tides and low about 9.30pm this appeared the be one of the best days to get back over to the west coast. I had a couple of marks in mind but when I found an empty car park I opted to go for the hotspot to give myself the best chance of catching. The sea was a little rougher than I’d have liked, but the forecast remained true and the swell dropped with the tide. It was bites from the off, and good bites as well, however the culprits were the ever present doggies when I actually managed to hook up, and I assumed the other bites were tiny whiting that could fit the baits in their mouth. I persevered, fishing hard trying different bait and rig combinations, casting long and short but it seemed only doggies and whiting were in the area. Last cast provided a little bit of variety in the shape of a codling probably just under 1lb.

I thought that things might pick up later in the tide, however I had had enough and everything was already packed away, and it gave me a chance to recover ready for next weeks mission.

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