Last Few Days

Had a total of 3 sessions over the last few days, despite the lack of funds there was gaps in the weather, or so I thought, so took full advantage.

On Sunday 6th me and Tom headed to the top of Anglesey on a prospecting mission to, and give me a chance to try out me new reels. We arrived at the mark, got set up and cast in with everything going according to plan. Not 5 minutes later the wind picked up and the sky opened so before long we were wet through and we felt like we were skating on ice with the rocks being very slippery. This carried on and off every 30 mins and made life hard going. As for the fishing it was nothing special, 5 or 6 doggies in total, and with bites slowed down as the tide dropped we packed in not long after midnight.

Tuesday 8th me and Jim headed up to Amlwch for the breakwater. With Jim not having done much sea fishing previously I thought it would be a gentle introduction and an almost guarantee of catching a few. Unfortunately the weather again was against us with strong wind and persistent rain, my plan to do a bit of casting practise was put on hold in favour of keeping all my gear dry. Things were surprisingly quiet when dropping baits down the side so we started casting around and Jim was first in with a little codling.

Not long sport picked up a bit in the shape of dabs and whiting. Then what turned out to be last cast Jim had a tiny octopus which rounded off the morning nicely.

Still with ragworm to use up I decided to head to llanfairfechan in the afternoon to try for a few flatties and finally get some practise casting. With the massive tide on the drop I was always chasing it out, and at one point the rod that was fishing ended up high and dry as the tide went out.
I also got a bit distracted by all the creatures that were left stranded on the beach because if the tide. I found a live Icelandic clam, a giant starfish, sandeels, hermit crabs and sea mice. However the pick of the bunch was this masked crab which reared out of the sand as the tide started to flood.

The fishing was completely hopeless as baits came back untouched pretty much every cast. However I did mange to practise a few off the ground casts with my old Abu 6500 Multiplier and realised I could hit a decent distance, just need some (lots) of extra practise to get the direction right. Once I get that down, I’ll be attempting to tame the diawa slosh 20’s!
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