Llanfairfechan attempt

Just a quick post of a session from last week. After reading that rays can be caught at Llanfairfechan me and Paul decided to check it out in the hope it might prove to be a half decent back up venue if the west coast is unfishable due to the weather. Plan was to fish a couple of hours up to high, and seeing as I had never there before decided to fish straight out the car next to the cafe.

Weather was not quite as we expected, with a reasonable breeze in our faces carrying rain and maybe even snow, going against the light winds and calm night forecast. Paul was straight into some whiting, at one stage getting 4 on a 2 hook flapper, I struggled but eventually managed to get 3 whiting. As a last resort, at high tide I changed to a massive lug and razor combo in the hope a bass might have been lurking in the waves.

By now it had gone midnight and time of pack up with no sigh of any more action other than a few more whiting to Paul. On reeling in my “bass” bait I found a chunky rockling hanging on the end, I believe it is a 5 beard. Not an amazing session but more knowledge gained and another species on the board for the year.

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