Beaten by the Weather

So after the success of the last week I ventured back out after the rays. I went out early to secure a spot and wait it out until the best time of the tide. However I was greeted by a pretty serious swell so wedged myself in the rocks a little higher up than usual. I set up and continued watching the waves, while a fella to my right was pulling in whiting two at a time. While I had cast out a line, high tide came and went but the swell never calmed down. If anything the swell began to increase, with waves crashing up more the later I stayed. There was a small dry patch down on the lower ledge but it would have been an uncomfortable night fishing had I stayed, and that it might not even be fishable two hours later.

Without a plan B I was stuck for somewhere to try so on my way back I stopped off in Menai Bridge for a couple of hours. In the end it was pretty uneventful with whiting from the off, and a small codling for variety. One of the whiting was a nice size at about 30cm which came in with the codling.

In the end a bit disappointing not being able to get anymore rays, but with 5 already under my belt for this year, plus another species for the year taking me up to 8 already made it a good week overall.
Till next time!
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