I realise its been a long while since I posted on here, when I get my own laptop back I’ll be able to upload a few more photos of the fish I’ve managed.

A couple of weeks ago (11/10) me and Paul went to Cymyran after small eyed rays. We had already had a couple of blanks but with a few reports the week before we were slightly optimistic. Fishing from just before high down, Paul was first in with 2 rays, while I made do with a whiting and bonus bass. At around 2 hours after high, time was running out but I had a good pull down and I got a raymondo myself.

I returned last night, after promising that I wouldn’t be doing much fishing until the new year, hoping for similar results. However it wasn’t too be, just a few whiting and a plate sized turbot I had to make do with, although I did miss a good slack line bite. Despite it being a Saturday night I was surprised to have the beach to myself, with only the resident fox for company. However, I think he was still only using me for a free meal, and didn’t even stay still long enough for a picture.

Fingers crossed I’ll be able to keep on top of this blog a bit more in future, look out for more pictures of whats been caught through the year in the next couple of days!

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