Carmel Head

Myself and Paul ventured up to Carmel Head earlier this week. I had looked at it on the maps for sometime, thinking that it would be a place very few people have fished and it looks like the kind of ground that would be good for pollack and wrasse. 
We parked up just west of Cemlyn and walked along the northern coast, and walked, and walked some more!
We reached the white lady monuments and found the first ledge that we thought would be fishable. It looked good but the tide was absolutely racing past towards skerries. Every cast whether it was with lures or baits struggled to hold bottom, so we headed further west to find a spot out of the main flow. This second spot looked more likely and first cast I managed a rockling and things looked up slightly. However it seemed we were a little too far out of the flow to catch any serious fish. I went for both rods on bait while Paul went walking further on using lures and feathers but to no avail and we soon made the long trek back to the car.
Couldn’t help but feel that it is the right place to go, just we were there at the wrong time, when the water was at peak flow, or we were fishing the wrong side and should have parked at church bay and fished the west side. Definitely an area we will try again at later in the year I think.
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