Porth Wen

The North coast of Anglesey is not an area I have explored much as it takes a bit longer to get there than the west coast, and the fishing has never been as good for me. However I decided last Saturday to go on a little mission with my mate Tom up to Porth Wen, the old brickworks that is between Llanbadrig and Bull Bay. I had seen it on Google Maps and it looked like an interesting place and good potential for fishing. I asked a few questions in the tackle shop while picking up some bait and Malc was quite positive about the fishing in that area so we thought we would test it out.

On arriving we bypassed the Brickworks dock and headed straight to the headland only to find almost sheer faced cliffs dropping straight into the sea and no easy (ish) access down. After nearly an hour walking around the headland we found a more promising access point. We trudged through the field which was knee high in dried grass and brambles, following a very faint pathway that indicated someone had been there previously. A bit of a scramble and passing of the gear down and we were on the ledge suitable for fishing, it was surprisingly flat given that the surroundings were high cliffs and sharp drop offs.

I setup some heavy gear with big baits and a size 6 flapper with bits of rag, Tom went for a flapper with 2/0’s so we had most eventualities covered. Most baits here though came back untouched. The sea was a little more lumpy than we’d have liked and being somewhere new to both of us we headed back up the hill then down towards the brickworks for a quick mooch and a fish off the dock wall. A bloke and his kids were already there and had been without any joy so I had one rod down the side again for mini species. The fishing was slow here too, with the water being relatively shallow and clear in the shelter of the bay. I did manage a corkwing and a shanny before we made a move but it was a good trip and definitely an area I would explore again, just on a much calmer day!

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